wrong shot, cupid!

If DBSK sings a song named ‘wrong number’, then I’ll sing ‘wrong shot’. For whom? Actually I’m unsure about who had given me the feeling was, so I’ve decided to blame the stupid cupid, eventhough I don’t really believe in his/her existence.

Maybe the cupid who take cares my case thought, that this is just unimportant, silly, and easy-solved one. No one special, and there is no different with those two men. And he/she finally shot the arrow unaccurately. He/She doesn’t know that his/her (well I’m too tired to keep writing ‘he/she’, so let’s make the cupid as a girl) choice has a really really big and unpleasant effect for me. They’re sooo different. You can’t look them as the same type. Look closer to them, because you are always flying there in the sky. Compare them!

If someone ask me who they are, why do I need really mad and dizzy about this, then I’ll gather my bravery, and say they are just one of my ironic choices. No, this not about the cupid who has shot wrongly to a rich young executive, in fact that I wish a wise general manager of a big company will like me. This is about wrong shot to an over confident dvd shop’s keeper in a dirty traditional market (eeuuuh), in fact that I wish a rumpled, rarely-take-bathed (maybe), but cool, quite, low profiled operator guy there, with his unpredictable future, unexpected past…and education, will like me.

You may laugh at me now…

Okay, if love can makes someone blind, then I’ll make it rational. Do what I have to do, passing through the way God has classified and choosed for me. Don’t ever walk out the way, and try to walk on other’s way, mean other’s class. Everybody has their own ways, aren’t they?

By the way, tonight Edric acted as Jay Chou in Extravaganza, with a such meaningless dancing wuahahaha, couldn’t stop laughing, he was soooo attractive! Eventhough other people tag him as the craziest man ever, hahaha. Can you imagine Edric’s figure fills by a cool, quite, and low profiled character? If you say “well, I’ll really love him”, then there’s no wrong reason for me to like the millenium’s king right now πŸ˜‰


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