Han Saramaneul – Super Junior K.R.Y.

At the first time,  I was sent the mp3 from my friend. I just loved it. And I keep replaying this song for several times. Han Saramaneul (The One I Love) is the second song I like from Super Junior, after Marry You.

But last week, suddenly my friend said that she was really sure that I’m going to love the video clip if I see later. Really? So, at that moment I asked her to send the video to me. Here is the vclip…

Eonjebuteoyeottneunji ijeosseoyo

Naega wae ireoneunji nan moreujyo

Harun gilgiman hago geuti obneunde

Eottoke ddo achimi oneungeonji nan moreujyo

Eojjeolsuga obseoyo amugeotdo mothago

I deondin shiganeul jikyeobojyo

Eodie itneunji? Mueoseul haneunji

Ojik han saramaneul saenggakhago itgie

I raeseoneun andwineungeol nan aravo

Saranghal su obdaneungeol algo itjyo

Naui seotun gobaeki geudaereul deo apeuke halbbunirangeol

Nan arayo, Algo itjyo,

Geuranjul almyeonseodo (almyeonseodo) eojjeolsuga obneyo (obseoyo)

Geujeo geu moseubman ddeooreujyo

Du nuneul gamado, dashi nuneul ddeodo

Ojik han saramaneul saenggakhago itgie

Hansungando jiulsu obneun geu moseubeul

(Onjenado)Uneun geujyo geudaemaneul saenggakhajyo

Eojjeolsuga obseoyo, amugeotdo mothago

I deodin shiganeul jikyeobojyo

Eodie itdeunji? Mueoseul hadeunji?

Ojik han saramaneul saranghago itgie

Ojik han saramaneul nan saenggakhago itjyo


I forget when it started,

I don’t know why I’m like this,

A day seems so long, and doesn’t seem to have a end,

How does another morning come? I don’t know

I can’t do anything, While not doing anything,

I look at the slow time,

Where are you? What are you doing?

Because I only think of one person

I know I shouldn’t be doing this,

I know that I can’t love you,

My confession will make you go through more pain,

I know, I know,

Even though I knew (I knew) I can’t do anything (Can’t)

I can only think of you

If I close my two eyes, or open them again,

I can only think of one person,

The memory I can’t erase for one second

(Even today) I just think of you

I can’t do anything, While not doing anything,

I look at the slow time,

Where are you? What are you doing?

Because I only think of one person

Because I think of that one person

Wow, she was right! I like the vclip. And…wait, is that Shin Sung Rok? The male actor from One Mom and Three Dads as the dirty police? LOL. I can’t believe that smelly-feeted police which acted really silly in OMATD, here, in this video, acted as a pathetic man, crying for several times, playing piano romanticly, hahaha. But, actually he was cool there :mrgreen:

The vclip is about a woman who makes a friendship with two men. Hmm, then…I don’t know anymore, hahaha. But, I think one of the men have  a wrong perception for what the woman has done to him. The woman does nice things to them, and the men see it as a ‘love sign’. In fact, the woman only loves one of them.

And there is a scene where the woman ran with her wedding gown. Typical scene of Asian Dramas. I often see that. But, I don’t know, I still like it. Elegant scene. Means, we are in a really big problem, and still can’t decide who or what we’re going to choose, eventhough the big day has come. Sometimes I feel it. Again, it’s about unsure between love or just a curiosity.

Well, talking about my curiosity now, is, I really want to know what’s the title of the drama which using this song as its soundtrack? Anyone knows?

7 thoughts on “Han Saramaneul – Super Junior K.R.Y.

  1. what is actually the title of that song?? coz i wanna search but if u don’t mind, plis send me that song.. heheh..

    btw it soooooooooooooo long time not see u.. apa kabar nih??

  2. @ crazy51 : Hyena? ngga terkenal ya, abis ngga pernah denger, hehe. yeay,tau shin sung rok juga ya??

    @ ridu : duuh, keanya susah buat ngirim dr hp ke komputernya deh. iya nih udah lama nih ngga main ke sini. kabar baik2 aja ko, hehe

    @ wennyaulia : hahaha, bisa aja 😀

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