Changed The Skin (Again)

Yea, I just can’t making up my mind. See, I’ve changed this blog’s skin again. After spent a lot of time choosing the previous simple blablabla skin (read sometimes we care it too much). Useless, I had done a useless thing. So now I set a dark skin and put Joo Ji Hoon plus Yoon Eun Hye as my new banner. Really cool, isn’t it? πŸ˜€ . But I don’t know how long will this skin stay :mrgreen:

This is one of my problem, can’t guess exactly what I’m feeling. Love, like, or…just a curiosity? I work hard to get what I want, which, I think I love , so I must have it. In the end when I’ve got it or even I haven’t got it, but desperately feel tired, I realize that it was just my curiosity. Really useless…

I still can’t judge my self concept. What kind of person am I, what do I like, what is the reason for me to do these all. Thinking this, suddenly I remember my friend’s daily song (because she sings this almost everyday, ckck). Nobody know who I really am…(I only know that line, hehe). Yeah, nobody know who I really am. So do I.


4 thoughts on “Changed The Skin (Again)

  1. Hey, u are u!! U are what u see! u are what u think…

    and about ur curiosity,,hemm,, I think it would be better to let it flow..Everything will be better soon..

    *alah,,gw ngomong apa sih??* hehehe,, salam kenal..

  2. @fanz : iya nih sengaja, biar orang pada pegel bacanya :mrgreen:

    @kita : engennya sih I am what I think, tapi ternyata susah jg ya nerapinnya. salam kenal? heei, kita sebelumnya udah beberapa kali ko main ke sini, saya juga udah beberapa kali main ke sitenya kita..hahaha, lupa ya

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