sometimes we care it too much

I didn’t get a nice afternoon today, I was too busy to change a template for this unimportant blog. I’d found a template with a match colour, when I realized that it has 4 coloumns! I thought I just need 2 coloumns for my blog. Then I found a template with a nice font, really really nice font, when I realized that the background is overdark, and I didn’t think that I can read the postings clearly if I use it.

HELLOO, why is wordpress so stingy? Well, actually it gives us so many choices. But no one perfect! Change the question, why is wordpress so tricky? We have to pay to get a perfect template… 😦

Suddenly I felt so stupid. Why didn’t I change the html codes to set a nice font for my template? Just choose a template with a match colour then set it!

See, I’d spent a long time to thing about that…

Sometimes we care to an important thing too much. We want it perfect. Wether we want others look ours nicely or it just for our statisfaction. About this template, believe me, I did those all only for my statisfaction. I did what I want for my template. I don’t really care if people thing mine are weird or bad. I just want when I log in here, I will so exciting to write a new posting…

To get a perfect one, sometimes we bothersome ourselves. Try to get a perfect one with a perfect way. I thought before, that a perfect way means a complex way. Like when I confused to choose the template. But I was wrong. A perfect way means a creative way. Suddenly I realized that I can change the html codes…

Well that was the reason for a perfection in my blog…statisfaction for myself. Then what about my appearance? What is the reason I desire for a perfection in my appearance? Is it only for my statisfaction…or…other reason? :mrgreen:  Well, let’s talk about it someday. I think I’ve written too much in this posting 😛

NB : Yes, wordpress is so tricky, tricky for a good purpose. Makes us more creative to solve it 🙂


7 thoughts on “sometimes we care it too much

  1. wah.. din, ajarin gue edit html di wordpress dong..
    hehehe 🙂
    terobosan baru ya din,
    commentnya harus bahasa inggris juga gak sih?

    waduh, alfalink gue belom ketemu.. :$

  2. @ syifa : sebetulnya itu sih yg paling penting, hehe

    @ fitra : ayo kapan2 ngutakngatik html bareng2 😀 . pake b. indo aja kalii

    @ estu : okok…

    @ mahdi kecil : iya nih, lagi berusaha kaya gitu 😛

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